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How Top Performing Blended Learning Programs Use Time and Space Effectively

September 27, 2016
The most innovative schools go well beyond simply adding technology to classrooms. Instead, they take advantage of technology to transform the learning process with a synergy of newly designed spaces and creative uses of time.
  • Freed from traditional schedules, students can work at their own pace, and teachers can more easily adjust to the changing needs of individual students and whole classes.
  • Reconfiguring classrooms once dominated by rows of desks, schools encourage individual work, student collaboration, and a more personal role for the teacher.
Our latest white paper takes you inside several schools that have successfully implemented these changes in a variety of instructional models, including:
  • Schools that started as entirely online programs that evolved to include a physical component.
  • Schools rooted in brick-and-mortar traditions that demonstrate how existing schools can innovate from within.
To learn more about these blended learning innovators and how their experience can help your school or district, download the complete white paper here.

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