Follow a New Blended Learning School through its First Year

November 14, 2016

This is your chance to experience the launch of an innovative blended school.

Join the year-long journey as students, faculty, and staff reach for new heights at Pikes Peak Early College (PPEC) in Peyton, Colorado.  This newly established school for grades 9 through 12+2 uniquely prepares students from diverse backgrounds for college and career through flexible and individualized blended learning, combined with free early college options. PPEC's goal is to increase completion of college courses, associate's degrees, and certifications, while reducing high school remediation rates. PPEC's faculty and staff members empower students to seamlessly transition from high school to college by facilitating personalized, flexible blended online and traditional pathways emphasizing self-directed learning. They accomplish this using Fuel Education's broad catalog of online curriculum and their award-winning, open technology platform, PEAK.

Tune in to view our Year One Video Blog and see firsthand how the program works from the perspective of students, staff, and administrators. See the successes and challenges that arise during a remarkable first year.


Meet our contributors! Recently, we asked them to sit down and tell us about themselves and their initial thoughts about their experiences at PPEC.


Dave Knoche is the executive principal at Pikes Peak Early College. He joined the staff to guide the launch of PPEC after leading a transformation of Falcon Virtual Academy from a fully virtual school to the high achieving blended academy Springs Studio for Academic Excellence. Mr. Knoche is a strong believer in the benefits of personalized education and blended learning models and is an outspoken advocate for educational innovation.




Katrina Craig is a passionate mathematics teacher at PPEC. Through PPEC's individualized instruction, she forges unique personal connections with students, allowing her to help them learn complex mathematics like never before.  

Natalie Cummings is PPEC's innovative elective and technology coordinator. She is involved with creating a Makerspace at PPEC, implementing exciting technology and tools to help students create and innovate for the 21st century.

Dale Bonavita is the dynamic counselor and college advisor at PPEC with more than twenty years of experience in educational advising.




Leigha Kuster is a sophomore who is thrilled to be at PPEC and to have the opportunity to gain free college credits.

Knowledge Spooner is a junior who has found a place where he feels he is part of a unique school family. He has many interests which he is able to explore while a student at PPEC.



Thank you for watching. Stay tuned for the next video blogs on achieving dreams!

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