Crater Lake Charter Academy, OR

June 22, 2016

Crater Lake Charter Academy (CLCA) is a blended learning, comprehensive charter school located in Eagle Point, Oregon, serving more than 200 students in the Rogue Valley. CLCA offers both on-campus and virtual programs. Of the 200 students currently enrolled in CLCA, approximately 150 come to campus four days per week for six hours each day. Students in the virtual program come to campus only when they need one-to-one help from a CLCA teacher or staff member.

Teachers in the academy's learning center answer student questions and personalize online instruction to address individual needs of each student. Personalization may include a one-to-one discussion between a student and a teacher, or the teacher may customize FuelEd online courses for an individual student.

In June 2015, CLCA had 182 students and 128 of those students returned in September 2015 (a 70% re-enrollment rate). Additionally, in September 2015, about 70 new students enrolled for the 2015 fall semester and CLCA moved into a new facility, doubling their instructional space.

View the following videos to see how blended learning positively impacted CLCA's curriculum:

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