Method Schools Murrieta, CA

June 22, 2016

Method Schools combine online learning with projects and teachers who know each student’s needs. All Method students take online courses from FuelEd. Method teachers teach all online courses; the one exception is that FuelEd instructors teach the online second-year language courses. 

Method Schools’ K-5 students use online courses provided by K12 Inc., FuelEd’s content partner. These courses contain animations, game simulations, videos, and avatars as well as hands-on materials (e.g., science equipment, art supplies and maps) integrated into the online
curriculum. Students in grades 6 through 12 use the FuelEd online courses. These courses include a variety of media, such as: videos, simulations, avatars and interactive graphics that enhance the instruction.

After only a year of implementation of FuelEd courses, math and reading scores increased exponentially and retention rate for the upcoming school year increased to 70%.

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