10 Elements for a Personalized Learning Experience


Thursday, March 13, 2014 - 1:00am

Here at FuelEducation, we strive to provide real-world examples of school districts that are thinking outside of the box for strategies and tools that will make every student successful regardless of the challenges that must be faced. Many of the schools and district administrators that we’ve profiled believe that a personalized learning experience is needed, which demands a more thoughtful approach to the education experience. With that in mind, we’ve posted the following list to highlight at-a-glance the 10 elements of a personalized, blended learning experience for students:

  1. Daily engagement in powerful learning experiences;
  2. Culture, policy and tools that support quality work products;
  3. 24/7 access to an Internet connected device (or devices);
  4. Modern customizable user interface with seamless movement between applications;
  5. Achievement recognition and data visualization tools that guide/motivate progress;
  6. Flexibility in learning path and pace;
  7. Effective academic support systems;
  8. Sustained advisory relationship including college/career awareness and guidance;
  9. Positive physical environment that supports learning experiences; and
  10. Meaningful and healthy extracurricular activities.

Want to learn more? Fueling A Personalized Learning Revolution in Secondary Education is a newly released paper, sponsored by Fuel Education in partnership with Getting Smart,  highlighting how personalized, blended learning can improve access to high-quality learning opportunities for secondary students. Click here to download the full white paper.


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