Academy of Arts and Sciences (AAS) California Transforms Online Learning Program

Tuesday, December 9, 2014 - 10:30am

This month on Learning Outside the Lines we are excited to feature Fuel Education Transformation Award winners that are making significant strides in online learning. California-based Academy of Arts and Sciences (AAS) has been recognized for providing 2,500 K-12 students a fully online personalized learning program which has resulted in outstanding achievement on state exams.

With more than 90 online courses from which to choose, students use FuelEd and K12 curriculum to work at an individualized pace, and teachers supplement their lessons with live, virtual sessions and  office hours.  In addition, teachers serve in multiple roles—as mentors, homeroom teachers, and content teachers—to help students be more successful and support their learning coaches.

The AAS program requires that teachers remain in constant communication with students and families. At least once a week, teachers call or e-mail families to check in with students and discuss progress, concerns, and successes. Teachers are also required to return work with quality comments within three days of submission. This strict grading policy is in place to ensure that students receive the feedback they need to grow and improve.

According to parent Randi Fine, “The amount of personal connection between teacher and student has made the difference in my son's academic success."

On average, 80 percent of AAS students return to its program annually. Through word of mouth, student enrollment has increased at a rate of 20 percent or greater over the last several years.  Enrollment nearly doubled for the current school year with the addition of four new schools to the AAS program.

The program has also experienced strong academic results.  AAS’s California High School Exit Exam scores have increased to a 95 percent pass rate, and the number of students that are behind or at risk has significantly decreased.

To see more information on Transformation Award winners, click here:


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