Best of the Best 2013: From the Superintendent’s Perspective


Tuesday, December 31, 2013 - 1:00am

Without a doubt, superintendents are extremely busy as they keep their districts running smoothly, conquer budget challenges, implement new policies and directives, and liaise with parents, teachers, administrators, and community leaders.   So, it’s quite possible that since the school year started, you’ve not had a moment to sit down and catch up on some of the innovations in the field of online and blended education.

Fortunately, the Learning Outside the Lines editorial team has picked our three favorite articles highlighting how superintendents in school districts across the United States are innovating in the area of online and blended education.  Now, sit back, grab that glass of eggnog, and catch up on best practices from your peers in online and blended learning.


Blended Learning: How the Falcon School District is Executing on Innovation in Education

The Assistant Superintendent of the Falcon School District in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Kim McClelland is one educator who, in the face of falling test scores and overcrowded classrooms, took a bold stand and explored alternative learning environments to meet student needs and, in the process, meet state and national educational benchmarks.  Learn what Superintendent McClelland did to solve her district’s classroom crisis through the strategic use of technology.


A Brave New Blended Learning World

This fall we had several school district leaders join us for a session and share insights on the challenges that they face within their communities. We took a deep dive into issues such as personalized learning environments, keeping students on track, supporting learning acceleration programs, addressing overcrowding, and incorporating technology inside and outside the classroom. Every leader brought a different experience from their own district, but one this is certain: blended learning environments are here and they are changing how districts operate.  Noted education technology leader, Tom Vander Ark, shared his thoughts on the latest in blended learning trends.


Lessons from the Field: Best Practices for Implementing Online Learning Technologies

As school districts across the country make the move to implement 21st Century learning technologies into classrooms, it’s natural that educators and administrators will run into a few challenges along the way. From justifying the costs of a comprehensive information communications technology (ICT) program, to allaying parent concerns about unsupervised screen time and the perceived loss of classroom instruction, there are many issues learning technology advocates must address. From our experience working with educators across the country, the cautionary tale is that educators who engage in technology roll-outs without having a comprehensive plan for curriculum and technology in place are doing their students a disservice.  What plans do you have in place?  Check out Learning Outside the Lines best practices for superintendents considering an online or blended learning program.


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