Blended Learning: Enabling Flexibility and Personalization

Tuesday, March 24, 2015 - 11:30am

At the most recent California Blended Learning Leaders Forum (BLLF), an ongoing theme amongst district and school leaders was the recognized need for flexibility and personalization in modern education, enabling tech- savvy students more freedom in pacing and course choice.

We asked several administrators their thoughts on blended learning and here is what they had to say:

Dr. Preston Carr, Director of Alternative Education at Chino Valley United School District called blended learning “the best of both worlds. ” He went on to discuss how blended learning offers the hands on teaching of brick and mortars with the flexibility and personalization of online learning.

Elizabeth Oberrieter, Interim CEO and Director of Online Learning at Academy of Arts and Sciences in Los Angeles, shared Dr. Carr’s assessment of blended learning. She also sees blended learning as a wonderful balance between brick and mortar schools and online learning by bringing “it all together so kids can have a personalized education.”   

The flexibility of blended learning enables student focus on engaging topics that appeal to their strengths at their own pace. Additionally, the level of personalization possible with open platforms, like FuelEd’s PEAK, enable the customization necessary for an expanded course catalog that promotes credit recovery and AP courses as well as developmental and special education courses.  With expanding course catalogs comes the ability to offer curriculum that appeal to students of all interests and levels.

Thomas Arnett, Education Research Fellow at Clayton Christensen Institute, believes in the importance of viewing blended learning as the application that enables personalized learning. He tells us that blended learning is a necessary component to allowing students more control of their own education and its pacing. 

Want to know what other administrators are saying about blended learning?  Watch this short video.


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