Blended Learning Programs Help District of Columbia Students Achieve Success


Wednesday, October 15, 2014 - 12:00pm

For many years, public schools in the District of Columbia have been criticized for low test scores, student achievement, and their struggle to prepare students for life after school in a technologically sophisticated world.  While the schools have tried many different programs to improve performance, most have failed to enable students and teachers to meet their goals

However, eight District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS) are challenging that trend with consistent gains in student test scores, a significant drop in student behavioral issues, and a lower rate of teacher turnover than at other schools in the District.  What do these eight schools have in common?  They have all implemented blended learning programs, which bring together teacher-led instruction with self-paced student-centric learning via technology.

Kavitha Cardoza, award winning education reporter for WAMU, recently covered this story and, from her interview with Tracy Foster, principal of Randal Heights Elementary School in Southeast D.C., was able to identify the benefits that students, teachers, and administrators gain from blended learning.  While students benefit from being able to learn at their own pace, and teachers benefit from being able to give individualized attention, some of the overlooked benefits of blended learning are those enjoyed by administrators.  As Principal Foster explains in the article, with the blended learning program, she is able to receive reports every day about student learning activity and progress to ensure that learning goals are on track. 

To read the full article, click over to the WAMU web site here.  Or to learn more about blended learning options offered by FuelEd, including all the technology, curriculum, reporting and training needed to start your own blended learning program, click here.


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