Evaluating Your District’s Blended Learning Program


Thursday, October 2, 2014 - 10:15am

With blended learning programs on the rise, there are many factors to consider in creating a successful program. Despite the growth in this area, there hasn’t been a practical guide for developing, planning, implementing and evaluating a blended learning program—until now. We’ve created a series of short PitStops, where in just 5 minutes, our experts provide actionable and practical tips and tricks that will guide you in developing your own programs that are aligned with overall school district goals.

In the last Pitstop of the series, Danica Cawthorn, Education Consultant at FuelEd, focuses on the evaluation of your district’s program.  Once a program is in place, you must review, adjust, and analyze to make any necessary tweaks for the coming year.

To listen to this latest Pitstop, click this link and fill out the form to view the 5 minute webinar and download the interactive checklist.

If you missed the earlier parts of the series, listen to them now.  For Part 1 on “Developing a Blended Learning Strategy,click here.  In Part 2, “Aligning Blended Learning Programs with District Goals,” click here to learn more about ensuring your program supports the needs of the school and the district. For Part 3, “Planning Your Blended Learning Program” click here.  For Part 4, “Implementing your Blended Learning Program”, click here


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