Evergreen Public Schools Transforms Education Across the District with Flexibility and Options


Tuesday, January 13, 2015 - 11:15am

This month FuelEd is highlighting our Transformation Award winners. Evergreen Public Schools, one of seven winners for 2014, has been recognized for serving the community’s education needs with a breadth of online and blended learning options available district-wide.

The fourth largest school district in Washington, Evergreen Public Schools in Vancouver serves nearly 27,000 students. The district had experimented for years with different online education programs. And, once the school board determined that online learning was a cost-effective way to meet the diverse educational needs of the entire community, the board mapped out a plan for a more comprehensive online program.

After experimenting with various vendor-supplied curricula, the district selected a suite of online learning solutions from FuelEd that delivers the diverse curriculum, technology tools, and services that support the district’s ambitious district-wide education programs. These programs include:

  • Students in grades 6–12 can choose the district’s IQ Academy, which is designed to serve students in either a full- or part-time online learning environment, and uses the curriculum from FuelEd’s content partner, K12.
  • The Evergreen Flex Academy serves families that choose the district’s full-time blended option. Students access the curriculum at home and attend a district brick-and-mortar school at least one day a week for optional electives or to receive in-person assistance with core subjects.The district’s Twilight Program uses FuelEd’s online credit recovery solution for all students who need to make up credits to get back on track to graduate. Expelled students also are enrolled in the program to ensure learning continues throughout their expulsion period.
  • Evergreen district students have the opportunity to earn a high school diploma in an alternative school environment at Legacy High School, which uses the FuelEd credit recovery solution to provide individualized learning plans to meet each student’s personal needs and goals.
  • Eighth-grade middle school students have three online language options through FuelEd’s content partner, Middlebury Interactive Languages™. Students attend a computer lab for one period during the day and complete the course online.
  • Students at Henrietta Lacks (HeLa) Health and Bioscience High School can choose from four world languages. Students attend a language lab during one class period and complete the course online.

Evergreen is a part of a growing group of districts that are finding ways to use online learning to provide educational opportunities that meet a variety of needs for students at every grade level—and it is experiencing improved academic success as a result. In 2013, students completed 3,983 credit recovery courses; 323 eighth-grade students earned a high school world language credit; and 225 students enrolled in a blended learning program.

This fall, Evergreen adopted PEAK Library so the district can create its own courses and deliver them through PEAK. The district also implemented a school-wide program at its alternative high school, using PEAK and PEAK Library, to provide learning opportunities for these students when they are off-campus. It is also using PEAK Library at its Flex Academy.

To see more information on Transformation Award winners, click here.

To read our case study and see a video about Evergreen’s district-wide programs, click here.


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