Expanding Course Options Through Online and Blended Learning


Thursday, March 12, 2015 - 10:30am

In the ever-changing K–12 landscape, expanding course options through online and blended learning programs is enabling schools and districts to provide diverse student populations with the flexibility and opportunities they need to succeed.

Dr. Preston Carr, Director of Alternative Education of the Chino Valley Unified School District, says about the varying levels of need within his student body: “We needed something for all students. Many times, we focus on middle of the road and below, but what about students in the middle and above or students who need personalized learning?”

In addition to offering courses that are more appealing to students, online and blended learning enables schools to offer courses they may not otherwise be able to offer. For instance, districts in rural areas or with understaffed schools can gain access to more specialized courses, such as electives, world languages, AP® courses, credit recovery courses, and STEM courses.

Carolyn Hanych-Fitch, Director of the Brandywine Heights Virtual Academy, a personalized learning program, says that implementing online learning offers administrators the “opportunity to provide more courses” and presents students with a “flexible environment for learning.”

Further, expanding course options through online learning enables schools and districts to better meet the needs of struggling students, or students who need an additional challenge. Online learning in school also helps students better prepare for high stakes tests.  With technology and rigorous, high quality curriculum, schools and districts have a wealth of options to better meet their students’ needs.


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