How Gwinnett County is Revolutionizing Summer School with Online Learning Options


Friday, June 20, 2014 - 2:15pm

For thousands of students across the United States, the school year may have ended but Summer School has just begun.  Summer School is no longer just for those students looking to catch up on credits missed during the year.  In fact, many students are enrolling in a summer program to free up their schedule for additional AP® classes and college prep courses. For many students—including over 2,000 in Gwinnett County, Georgia—taking summer classes has become a little bit less of a chore thanks to online learning options.

In the video below from Atlanta’s NBC affiliate, the students of Gwinnett County’s Online School talk about why they chose to complete their summer programs online.  Several teachers weigh-in on the advantages of an online learning environment for both their students and their own professional development.



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