Inspiring Daring Dreams of the Future at Pikes Peak Early College


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Monday, November 28, 2016 - 3:15pm

Join the year long journey as students, faculty, and staff reach for new heights at Pikes Peak Early College (PPEC) in Peyton, Colorado. This newly established grades 9 through 12+2 school uniquely prepares students from diverse backgrounds for college and career through flexible and individualized blended learning, combined with free early college options. PPEC's faculty and staff members empower students to seamlessly transition from high school to college by facilitating personalized, flexible blended online and traditional pathways emphasizing self-directed learning. They accomplish this using Fuel Education’s broad catalog of online curriculum and award-winning, open technology platform, PEAK.

Tune in to view our Year One Video Blog and see firsthand how the program works from the perspective of students, staff, and administrators. See the successes and challenges that arise during a remarkable first year. 

Dreams are powerful visions of the future that motivate us in the present. PPEC is compelling students to envision daring dreams of the future and allowing teachers and staff to inspire PPEC's students to reach for them. By forging unique memorandums of understanding with colleges and crafting a program of study individualized for each student, PPEC allows students to reach for higher educational dreams with the promise of a free associate's degree and the support of expert staff to assist the 9–12 plus 2 year (12+2) journey.

Achieving Future Dreams: PPEC Students

In this week's video blog, students Knowledge Spooner and Leigha Kuster talk about their future dreams and how PPEC is helping them. Knowledge dreams of joining the medical field as a nurse in order to help others. Leigha is inspired by a true love of horses and seeks higher education in order to gain expertise as a horse trainer and riding instructor. 



Inspiring Student Dreams: PPEC Staff

Staff address how they help to inspire students at PPEC reach their dreams. Counselor and college advisor, Dale Bonavita, finds that, through poignant personal discussions, she helps students match their dreams with real courses of action to achieve college and career success. Katrina Craig, mathematics teacher, develops personal connections with her students by taking moments out of their class time to discuss inspirational quotes, ask motivational questions, and to spark moments of centeredness. Ultimately, both Dale and Katrina develop close relationships that inspire the students of PPEC to stay on the path toward achieving their dreams.



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