Lesson 2: Customization is the Cornerstone of Personalized Learning

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Tuesday, May 5, 2015 - 1:45pm

Did you know that customization is the cornerstone of personalized learning?

In fact, in a new white paper, How to Successfully Scale Personalized Learning: Six Key Lessons from Effective Programs, authored by Getting Smart in partnership with FuelEd, educators and administrators share that they believe that course and content customization is critical to offering students a truly personalized learning environment that keeps them engaged and helps them progress along their academic path.

Customized, targeted content enables teachers to address the unique needs of each student, as they all learn differently and may have unique situations that demand a more tailored, flexible approach.  According to Rebecca Furlong,  Director of Technology of Wooster Schools, blended learning allows her students to study the “way that they can learn best.” 

Using an open platform like PEAK, teachers can access myriad content and tools, such as media rich content from sources like YouTube and Khan Academy, to customize courses for their students, classes, schools, or districts. Evergreen Flex Academy Principal Karen Weintraub describes her experience with PEAK as “a great blend” of a product that provides courses and content fully built “out of the box” and one that allows teachers to “start from scratch” and incorporate and build their own content.  PEAK also provides teachers the ability to create content they have created into the course, and to share this content with other teachers.

In addition to customizing the content, teachers also use PEAK to insert additional, tailored assessments within the content to gauge student progress.  Using this functionality, teachers can immediately get feedback on whether adding customized content is having a positive impact on the student’s learning progress.     

Course customization is one of key success factors identified by educators who have successfully implemented personalized learning, and are now scaling it to benefit more students in their districts.

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