Measures of Quality: How Do Online and Blended Learning Courses Measure-Up?


Friday, October 24, 2014 - 12:45pm

Measuring the quality of blended and online learning programs can be a challenging task.  Some focus on “harder results” such as scores on state tests or other assessments, while others seem more interested in “softer outcomes” such as student engagement and student-parent satisfaction.  

To understand better how educators define quality in their online and blended learning programs, FuelEd partners with EdNET to conduct an annual Benchmark survey.  In this survey, a large percentage of respondents ranked the following as ‘very important’ attributes to implementing a successful program:

  • 94%- offering rigorous and engaging curriculum.
  • 89%- tracking student progress and adequate reporting tools.
  • 85%- having teachers available to intervene.

When specifically asked how educators gauge the quality of an online or blended course, following were the top four responses:

  • The student has high attendance and active participation in the course.   
  • The student scores at or above the level of other similar students on end of year standardized tests.
  • The student passes the course.
  • The student re-enrolls in other online courses after completing the current online course.

Clearly, passing the course is not the only measure of quality.  Educators also value the student’s desire to re-engage by taking more courses. With highly interactive and engaging blended or online courses, students want to learn and take part in the course and then they want to take more.   

Online and blended learning, done well, provides a personalized learning experience that helps cultivate the student’s desire to learn.

Look for more data to support your school’s online and blended learning best practices in the coming weeks as we at get ready to roll out the full EdNET e-survey, highlighting successful innovation, engagement, and quality in K-12 blended and online programs.

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