Miami-Dade Online Academy: The Cruz/Salcedo Family Shares Their Online Learning Success Story


Tuesday, September 16, 2014 - 9:45am

When a child faces a serious illness—whether brief or long term—life as it is known changes.  Doctors’ appointments and hospital stays disrupt the normal pattern of life, including the ability to attend school.  Moreover, the added stress of missing assignment deadlines and tests just adds to the student’s burden.  

Sergio Cruz, an 11th grade student in the Miami-Dade School District, faced these exact issues following his diagnosis with a serious medical condition.  The more time Sergio spent in the hospital receiving treatment, the further he fell behind and the more stress he felt because of missed deadlines and assignments.

For Sergio and his mother, Lilian, the Miami-Dade Online Academy provided a perfect solution for their family.  By enrolling in the program, Sergio could keep up with his school work and complete assessments at his own pace within a semester, which reduced his overall stress and allowed him to focus on recovery during his hospital stays.  Lilian has noticed a huge change in her son since he became a Miami-Dade Online Academy student, marveling at his newly found discipline and organizational skills as well as the overall improvement in his self esteem as he participates in a program that is designed to help him succeed.

To learn more, watch this short video and listen as the Cruz/Salcedo family discusses their choice to pursue an online learning program through Miami-Dade Online Academy.


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