Mobile Solutions for AP Exam Prep


Tuesday, May 13, 2014 - 1:00am

Spring has sprung and while some students are getting restless as weather improves and classes are coming to an end, others are gearing up for testing.  In many districts, students are prepping for the first of many Advanced Placement® (AP®) tests to come this month.

AP courses can be a way for students to get a jump start on college.  The results from the end of year AP exams determine if students are eligible to receive college credits for classes they’ve taken during the high school year.  However, preparing for the tests can be quite a challenge.  The vast amount of content that needs to be digested and reviewed can be overwhelming.

To help ease the burden of AP exam prep, there are now many online solutions and applications to help students organize their study sessions.  Online courses, mobile applications, and many other tools are coming to market to help students get ready for the exams and making all of the content available right at their fingertips.  For example, the K12 AP Exam Prep Apps are designed for mobile devices like iPads, Kindle Fires, Google Chrome Book, and Samsung tablets.  Apps like the ones provided by K12 can be easily downloaded for student prep. The AP Exam Prep Apps provide students with review content that is organized in a topic-by-topic study guide for 12 popular AP subjects.  In addition to the study guides, modules are included for practice tests that simulate the AP exam with options for feedback—even within the essay portion.  The apps also generate individualized study plans based on the feedback derived from pre-testing, highlighting topics that have been mastered and those that need further work.

So, while AP Exam season is here, the path to prepping for these tests may be just a little easier through the use of technology and mobile solutions, giving students a better chance at getting a jump start in their college careers.


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