Online Learning Creates Opportunity, Flexibility, and Course Expansion


Wednesday, May 13, 2015 - 12:30pm

We are always talking with education leaders about their best practices and lessons learned for online and blended learning. Whether it is through Learn Outside the Lines, conferences, or our own Blended Learning Leader Forums (BLLF), we try to glean those important details from successful programs and share that knowledge with our readers.

At the most recent BLLF in Pennsylvania, when we asked educators how they define online learning, many included in their definitions the ability use online and blended learning to create opportunity.

The modern student needs alternative forms of education that allow for flexibility and that also teach 21st century skills and technology. Marcell McGhee, the Day- to-Day Manager of the Berks Online Learning Program based in Reading, Pennsylvania, sees those advantages in online learning. At the Pennsylvania BLLF, she said that online learning is “a different way to gaining access to education,” providing students the opportunity to learn outside of the traditional brick and mortar environment.

Additionally, online learning offers enables schools and districts to expand their course catalogs. For example, Carolyn Hiebsch Fitch, Director of the Online Academy for Brandywine Heights School District, said, online learning “provides opportunity for students who need flexible scheduling or for small school districts, like mine, to provide more courses.”  Online and blended learning also provides educators with the ability to customize courses and content, with open platforms like PEAK.  Teachers can tailor courses to provide students who need additional help or who desire an additional challenge.

Share with us your thoughts. How do YOU define online learning?

To learn more about what educators are saying about online learning, watch the short video below:


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