PODCAST: Alternative Online Learning Reaches the Corrections System and Juvenile Delinquents


Friday, December 13, 2013 - 1:00am

One of the challenges of transitioning juvenile delinquents back into society is providing the right educational tools to help prepare them for productive lives.

New one-to-one educational initiatives and innovations are emerging to support students who have fallen behind—whether they are homebound or in the correctional system. Through the use of monitored mobile devices and other technology infrastructure solutions, along with a structured curriculum and instructor support, it is possible to help these youth achieve academic success.

A New York City-based Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) called American Prison Data Systems (APDS) is leading this effort.  We had the unique opportunity to speak with Chris Grewe, CEO of APDS, about this new frontier where technology will enable advanced reform strategies for juvenile delinquents.

Grewe hopes to bring the 21st Century and digital revolution into U.S. corrections for the very first time, with the integration of a strong curriculum to help rehabilitate juveniles and give the opportunity to earn a general education degree. Providing personal learning devices to juveniles allows them to gain one-to-one tutoring and access to instructors, with mobile device management and controls in place to ensure the security of the device and regulate use of the technology.

Be sure to listen to the full podcast below:


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