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Thursday, April 16, 2015 - 10:15am

Many schools and districts perceive that one of the biggest barriers to initiating online or blended learning programs is how they will address the administration, integration, and management of such programs.  Given that we hear this concern voiced frequently at industry conferences and workshops, there is a good opportunity to roundup some recent articles we’ve posted on Learn Outside the Lines (LOtL) that highlight a key component of Fuel Education’s personalized learning solutions, the PEAK platform. PEAK is a comprehensive platform that simplifies administration, provides intelligent reporting on student progress, and delivers easy-to-execute course customization.

Check out the articles below:

Online and Blended Learning: Moving from Conversation to Execution

In this piece, Fuel Education’s General Manager, Gregg Levin, sat down with the LOtL Editors to discuss how teachers and administrators can take that next step to move online and blended learning programs from conversation to implementation.  For Gregg, the wealth of available digital resources is making platforms, like PEAK, an indispensable curation tool that simplifies the delivery of curriculum to students as well as offering teachers a host of other customization opportunities to tailor lessons.  You can read more here.

What Ohio Educators are saying about Personalized Learning

Want to hear what educators on the frontline are saying about the PEAK platform?  We do!  So each year we host customer events to elicit feedback from the teachers and administrators who are using the PEAK and PEAK Library to find out what they love about it, as well as ideas they have for new features that we can include in our product roadmap.  Earlier this year we caught up with educators in Ohio to find out how they are using the PEAK platform and learn more about the successful student outcomes they’re able to effect through online and blended learning.  Jeff Rings, Virtual Learning Coordinator for Johnstown Monroe Schools, talked with us about how the PEAK Library can be especially beneficial to at-risk students.  Click here to watch a short video.

Taking Summer School Online Improves Student Outcomes, Boots Success for Schools and Districts

One of the ways we see schools test the waters of online learning is through a trial program.   For some districts, a good place to start is testing out the potential for online learning programs during a summer program where both the shorter session length and a smaller number of students makes tracking progress and deducing results a much easier task.  North Clackamas Schools in Oregon is one district that’s used the PEAK platform to improve the delivery of courses to students and, in turn, has seen a significant improvement in student learning outcomes.   You can read more about their experience with scaling the delivery of their online learning program here.

Top 5 Features of PEAK

Want to be able to take your new found knowledge of PEAK into your next staff or district meeting?  Here’s a handy guide to the top five features of the PEAK platform.  From being an open platform that enables administrators to integrate existing systems into one operating unit to a mobile app that allows teachers, administrators, and mentors to monitor student progress in real time, PEAK empowers both the student and the teacher to ensure everyone meets their full potential.  You can find all five top features here.


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