The International Olympic Committee Embraces Online Learning


Wednesday, June 10, 2015 - 11:30am

For generations, student athletes have had to manage a difficult balancing act between their athletic career and their academic studies. Yet, as blended and online learning becomes more of a fixture in K-12 learning, student athletes are gaining more options for balancing their academic studies while pursuing their athletic dreams. For young elite athletes, the Olympic International Committee (IOC) announced that they will now be offering an online learning program that will create opportunity and flexibility for student athletes. On May 20th, the IOC President Thomas Bach, announced that the program, “The IOC Athlete Learning Gateway,” is a free online option for Olympians and those training for the Olympics.

In an effort to strengthen support of athletes internationally, the IOC, along with top academics, Olympians, and sporting institutes, came together to formulate the curriculum and test various learning platforms in a one year pilot program. President Bach shared, “(t)hrough Olympic Agenda 2020, the IOC has a unique opportunity to act as a bridge between busy athletes and the world’s best academics and learning tools. The IOC Athlete Learning Gateway will allow athletes to shape their futures while still pursuing their athletic careers.”

While online learning is enabling student athletes internationally, online learning isn’t only for Olympians and is having a great effect in the U.S. as well. For example, Tyler Harriman, a gymnast and student at the Miami Dade Online Learning Academy, attributes his academic and athletic success to online learning.

According to Tyler’s mom, Sherri, since starting with the Miami Dade Online Academy, Tyler has taken more ownership over his education and “school is no longer something he just does.” She also cites online learning for Tyler’s increased engagement and independence within his studies.

Want to learn more about Tyler and how online learning helps facilitate his athletic career? Watch the short video below. 


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