Top 5 PEAK Components We are Thankful for this Holiday Season


Wednesday, November 26, 2014 - 12:00pm

Here at FuelEd we are thankful for many things this time of year, like the amazing students, educators and administrators we work with and empower daily. We’d like to embrace the spirit of the season and reflect on our customers and the 5 top ways they are utilizing the PEAK Learning Platform to engage in effective personalized learning.  

Here are the top 5 PEAK technology components we are thankful for this year:                                                      

1.       PEAK: An Open Platform-

We can’t talk about the elements of PEAK without first talking about the platform itself.

The beauty of the Peak Platform is that it integrates with existing systems for schools and offers a user centric interface that eliminates the need for multiple logins. Some of the key PEAK features are interactive dashboards, course customization, enrollment management and mobile compatibility, to name a few of the features that enable educators and administration.

2.       PEAK Library: A World of Custom Knowledge at Your Fingertips-

One of the most popular elements of the PEAK Platform, PEAK Library is only one part of FuelEd’s open platform. The Library integrates top-rated, high-quality content from a variety of sources. This allows teachers to develop highly personalized curricula for their individual classes and- when needed- allows for personalized curricula for students as well.  

Additionally, PEAK Library integrates almost 6,000 FuelEd Supplemental Courses in line with key instructional standards, with adaptive assessments to tailor those resources to student ability.  And teachers can also create their own content using the tools in Peak Library.

3.       PEAK Office: Track, Intervene, Assist-  

With PEAK Office, educators can use track student progress through the Reports and Alerts function. Additionally, with PEAK Office, teachers have the ability to send customized notifications and feedback to individual students with the Engagement Tool.

PEAK Office doesn’t just make teaching more efficient and easier to track; it also has great benefits for administrative staff. For example, PEAK Office has an Administrative Tools and Reports function that allows administration to more effectively.  

4.       PEAK Office Mobile: Mobility for Cutting Edge Pedagogy-

With the PEAK Office Mobile app teachers, administrators and student mentors are able to utilize the elements of PEAK Office from their iPhone or iPad. PEAK Office Mobile enables secure monitoring of student progress, student enrollment, and reports, making for greater efficiency.  

5.       PEAK’s Personalized Dashboards: Something Special for Students, Teachers and Admin-  

PEAK offers personalized dashboards for everyone in the online learning environment, not just students but also teachers and administration. These personalized desktops allow each participant to access a dashboard that is tailored to offer up the best and most important functions upfront to create an ease of access and positive user experience.

For students, this personalization means easy access to things like email functions, assignment lists and progress reports. For teachers and Admin, this personalized dashboard means easier access to a quick overview of enrolled students, student achievement and those who are on track and those who are behind.

As you can see, here at FuelEd we have a great deal to be thankful for this Thanksgiving season. We are most thankful for the students and educators who utilize our solutions. 

We’d like to end by thanking you, our readers, for letting us take the time to recognize the wonderful work that our customers and their students have achieved throughout the year.

To read more about the overall effectiveness of PEAK and its many elements, click here.





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