Trigg County Public Schools: Varying Educational Opportunities with Online Learning in Rural Kentucky


Wednesday, May 6, 2015 - 11:45am

Every year, Fuel Education recognizes innovative educators in school districts across the country through our Transformation Awards.

Trigg County Public Schools (TCPS), based in Cadiz, Kentucky is one of our 2014 winners. TCPS has upended traditional education in their district with online and blended learning programs. Like TCPS, many pioneering schools and districts are in rural areas where access to varied educational opportunities is hard to come by.  To address their geographic seclusion, TCPS determined that online learning could provide a viable way to expand the range of courses available to its high school students. By using FuelEd Online Courses, the FuelEd Anywhere Learning System, and Middlebury Interactive Languages™, Trigg County High School is able to exist in a rural setting with a limited number of staff members and still offer students a wide variety of courses that they can complete at home or in a lab setting at school.

Trigg County uses Middlebury Interactive Languages to provide access to world language courses, like French and Spanish, that otherwise would not be available. The school also offers credit recovery courses to at-risk students, or those who have transferred to the school and are missing a required course for graduation. Moreover, when the school’s Site Based Council decided in 2014 that there would be no on-site summer school option available, Trigg County was able to offer online summer school courses through FuelEd so students could stay on track for graduation.  Trigg County was able to offer summer programs, vital to keeping students on track for on-time graduation despite a decision by the site based council to eliminate on-site summer school because of lack of funding in 2014.

In addition to expanded language and credit recovery options, students are able to take electives that will help them prepare for colleges and careers through FuelEd, and have the ability to complete the courses outside of their daily onsite class schedule. They can explore introductions to possible career paths—like the culinary arts and veterinary science—that the school would never be able to offer in the traditional classroom. For students who transfer into the county after their junior year and need to complete the state requirement for “demonstrated performance-based competency in technology,” Trigg County provides them the option of taking one of several FuelEd technology courses.

As a result of these bold choices, Trigg County High School has been recognized as a District of Innovation by the state of Kentucky. This designation enables the school to take advantage of state waivers in order to rethink what a school might look like, and to redesign student learning in an effort to engage and motivate more students and increase the number of those who are college and career-ready. FuelEd is proud to partner with Trigg County Public Schools to enable student learning and outcomes. 


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