What is Stride™?

Supplemental learning programs are in high-demand in classrooms across the country, which is why digital solutions have gained so much traction within education. Education technology is more advanced than ever before, offering valuable data and insights into student progress that inform the ways teachers plan lessons and prepare their classes for standardized testing.

Fuel Education’s Stride™ platform provides teachers with the resources and information needed to help students advance in their core subject curriculum while offering students an engaging environment that motivates learning.

Introduction to Stride™

Stride is a rewards-based, adaptive learning tool that provides standards-based skills practice for math, reading, and language arts in preK–grade 8, and science in grades 3–8.

Stride motivates students towards skill mastery and rewards learning with games in a highly engaging, personalized online environment. While adaptive technology individualizes each student’s learning path through the curriculum, formative data helps teachers monitor progress and differentiate instruction.

Stride™ Features

When using Stride, students answer questions to earn coins, which can be collected or traded to unlock 60 seconds of “brain break” playing time in video games of their choice. These games become the motivation for students to correctly answer questions and earn coins. On the back end, the program collects valuable data for teachers and organizes it into different on-demand reports.

Key features of Stride that benefit both teachers and students include:

For Teachers

Teacher Dashboard
Stride’s user-friendly dashboard provides instructors with real-time class data to easily drill down to student performance. Features within Stride’s teacher dashboard include the Live Student Progress Monitor, Class Roster Summary, and interactive charts. 

Adaptive Engine
Stride’s F.A.S.T. 360 adaptive engine individualizes each student’s learning experience by guiding students to practice where they need it most. Teachers can use the adaptive engine tool to adjust the curriculum for individual students, student groups, or the entire class.

Quiz Builder & Assessments
Stride allows teachers to target instruction through a vast database of standards-based questions, problems, video lessons, and printable study guides built by subject-matter experts to deliver grade-level appropriate content.

Student progress and skill gap diagnosis can be tracked in real time within the teacher dashboard. Instructors can use Stride’s Gap Assessment and Progress Monitoring Assessment reports to refocus large- and small-group instruction in the classroom.

Automated Reporting
Teachers can set up automatic reporting emails with on-demand, up-to-the-minute data, which allows instructors to pinpoint exactly where students are on their learning paths at any given time. In-depth reporting on student performance is available in a variety of formats.

For Students

Student Dashboard
Stride encourages students to achieve subject mastery in math, reading, language arts, and science through rewards-based learning methods. When students correctly complete academic work in Stride, students earn skill badges and coins, as well as limited time to participate in engaging virtual games that extend learning concepts.

Stride sets students up for success by providing a variety of tools that support their learning experience, including the “Help Me” button, which directs students who are struggling to answer questions correctly to relevant practice activities; the Focus tool, which zones in on specific words or phrases to help students remain focused and on-task; and the Language Translator, which addresses the needs of the growing ELL student population.

Students love to compete with their peers on the high-score leaderboards of their favorite games.  The more questions a student answers correctly, the more coins they earn, which means they have more time to play their favorite games and improve their rankings. Fuel Education data* for the 2017-2018 school year shows that 37% of student work in Stride is done after school hours. 

Personalization gives students ownership of their learning experiences. In the Stride platform, students can select their own avatars and customize their dashboard to include their favorite games.

Find out how to implement Stride™ in your classroom.

Stride’s adaptive platform is powerful and easy to use. Additionally, the open platform and cloud-based system means Stride works on most computing devices, including tablets and laptops, and students can access it anytime, anywhere with an internet connection.

Learn more: Rewards-Based Learning Solution Implementation Guide

Interested in learning more about this award-winning, innovative learning solution? Request a demo today.

* Fuel Education. (2019). Stride Usage Data for School Year 2017-2018 from nearly 1993 Stride accounts

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