FLORIDA Geometry Teacher’s Guide Vol. A (Bid# 3727 & 3729, ISBN 978-1-60153-544-3)

The Teacher Resource guide consists of two print guides (volume 1 and volume 2) that make it quick and easy for teachers to understand everything in the online course at a glance – without logging in. Solutions to guided practice activities are provided. A description is provided for each activity, and key activities are pictured for easy cross referencing from print to digital materials. Florida standards coverage and learning objectives for each topic are front and center. Additionally, content backgrounds, teaching tips, suggestions for addressing common misconceptions and differentiation recommendations are included. An answer key for independent practice activities is offered in the in the back of each Practice Activity Book (and online). To help orient teachers to the program, the front of the book provides powerful information about how best to implement each lesson in a consistent manner, based on the specific device set-up and instructional model of each teacher’s classroom. Standards overview charts are also provided to show at a glance where each Florida standard is covered.

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