Walker County Public School System, AL

Adopting a forward-thinking strategy, the district’s leaders reinvented the alternative school with a positive approach and renamed it the 180 Program. Students in grades 6–12 with behavioral problems would have 20 days to “do a 180” and then successfully return to their regular school. As a cornerstone of the new program, Walker school officials created a partnership with Fuel Education to use its Anywhere Learning System (ALS) for the program’s academics.

With built-in assessments that identify skills gaps and automatically generate customized learning paths, the ALS learning solution helped students keep pace and even get ahead. The Walker school leaders next turned their newfound innovative energy to the entire district’s existing programs and even to ambitious new initiatives. With firsthand experience of what ALS could do, they concluded their existing curriculum software from five different companies was holding them back. Walker expanded the FuelEd Anywhere Learning System to essentially everywhere across the district as its go-to blended learning solution, training all of its 500+ teachers and staff to use it effectively.

These changes resulted in the creation of new initiatives and life-changing outcomes. You can read more about these specific outcomes in our Remediation and Credit Recovery whitepaper.

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