John Marshall Metropolitan High School Chicago, IL

In 2011, the Marshall staff designed and implemented Pathway to Accelerated Student
Success (PASS), which consists of three credit recovery programs: Daytime, Extended Day, and the PASS Institute. In the three PASS programs, Fuel Education (FuelEd) instructors, certified in the state of Illinois, teach all of the FuelEd courses. PASS students take online courses in one of the Marshall High School computer labs every weekday.

In all three programs, on-campus Marshall PASS program teachers support, mentor, and tutor the students. Generally, the PASS teachers work with students one-to-one or in small groups. Most PASS students face numerous social and personal challenges that could easily interfere with their education. Accordingly, the PASS program offers a multitude of services to these students, such as parental training, grief groups, and personal counseling.

The PASS Institute is at capacity most of the year and retention is high. About 90% of
PASS Institute students finish high school in a year or less. Two Institute students praised
this program, saying essentially that PASS gave them a second chance to graduate. They
are not only motivated to finish high school but also to set goals for furthering
their education.

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