Success Story: Fullerton School District (CA)

Acacia Elementary is a standout school in California’s Fullerton School District, and it has a reputation for high student achievement. More than half of the children who attend transfer in, and there’s a waiting list to enroll.

During their daily hour-long reading workshop, or when they finish work early, students at Acacia Elementary can log into Big Universe, filter book options for their reading level and search for the specific topic or type of text they want to read. Download this case study to learn why Acacia Elementary teachers believe Big Universe is the perfect complement to the Calkins reading and writing workshop model, which encourages students to read texts of their choosing at their individual reading levels. 

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PSD Global Multi-Year Case Study
PSD Global Multi-Year Case Study

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Success Story: Beaufort County Public Schools (SC)
Success Story: Beaufort County Public Schools (SC)

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