Williams Junior Senior High School, CA

To help overcome academic challenges, in May 2013, the Williams Junior Senior High School staff implemented two new online learning programs—an academic recovery program for junior high students and a credit recovery program for high school students. Their goal was to keep students on track, in school, and on target to graduate. Fuel Education (FuelEd) provides all online courses for both of these programs. Students in the two programs attend their traditional classes during the week and study their online courses in the school computer labs every Saturday morning. They can access their courses from home as well.

Principal Dr. Richter makes several observations he feels have been key contributors to their success after having implented the program for 3 years.
• Struggling students need to experience a little success and once that happens, they
typically embrace their responsibility to improve.
• Students need to work individually with a dedicated teacher who can personalize the instruction to address a student’s needs.
• Instruction must be engaging and exciting. The high quality FuelEd online courses
and dedicated teachers and mentors, create the right combination for success.

You can view our webinar for more information on the successful credit recovery program implemented through FuelEd.

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