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Lacey Township High School, NJ

June 22, 2016

Flexibility has been key to the success and growth of Lacey Township, Principal Jim Handschuch says. “Online learning provides educators another way to address the needs of today’s learners,” he says. “We are able to expand our curriculum without hiring additional staff. We can adjust student schedules to meet the needs of individual learners.” About 90 Lacey students took a total of 160 online classes during LOLA’s inaugural school year, and about 60 of those classes were credit recovery. 

Credit recovery students complete online courses after school in a computer lab, monitored by a district teacher. Other online learners use media center computers during the school day. “We’re not just talking about remediation,” Handschuch says. “We want to push students to the next level and challenge them to succeed in different areas—graduate, get a good job or further their education. All of us in society will win in the long run.”

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