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LESSON GOALS • Solve division equations using the multiplication property of equality. • Solve multiplication equations using the division property of equality. FLORIDA STANDARDS • MAFS.8.EE.3.7a. Give examples of linear equations in one variable with one solution, infinitely many solutions, or no solutions. Show which of these possibilities is the case by successively transforming the given equation into simpler forms, until an equivalent equation of the form x = a, a = a, or a = b results (where a and b are different numbers). PACING One class period, approximately 60 minutes CONTENT BACKGROUND In Lesson 2.04, students will solve equations in the form px = q and x _ p = q, when p and q are rational numbers. As students learned to solve one-step addition and subtraction equations by applying the property of equality for the inverse operation, they can do the same for these types of equations by using the multiplication and division properties of equality. The reciprocal property of multiplication can also be used to solve the equations because the product of a number and its reciprocal is 1. In Lesson 2.05, students build on their ability to solve one-step multiplication and division equations by solving equations, which they must first simplify. Again, the same steps are used as when simplifying and solving multi-step addition and subtraction equations. This work is essential for modeling and solving real-world problems and for solving the more complex equations students will encounter as they continue their math studies. KEYWORDS Students can preview definitions of keywords hyperlinked throughout the lesson. • division property of equality • equivalent equations • inverse operations • multiplication property of equality • reciprocal property of multiplication • substitution property of equality MATERIALS • Reference Guide pages 60–61 • practice Activity Book pages 35–37 • Overview and Toolkit presentations Use this guide to accompany Lesson 2.04, Semester A. Multiplication and Division Equations 76 MULTIpLICATIOn AnD DIvISIOn EqUATIOnS

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