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Use this guide to accompany Lesson 3.04, Semester A. Proportional Relationships LESSON GOALS • Graph proportional relationships. • Determine the unit rate of a proportional relationship using slope. • Compare proportional relationships. • Classify relationships as proportional or not proportional. FLORIDA STANDARDS • MAFS.8.EE.2.5 Graph proportional relationships, interpreting the unit rate as the slope of the graph. Compare two different proportional relationships represented in different ways. • LAFS.8.SL.1.1a. Come to discussions prepared, having read or researched material under study; explicitly draw on that preparation by referring to evidence on the topic, text, or issue to probe and reflect on ideas under discussion. PACING One class period, approximately 60 minutes CONTENT BACKGROUND In this lesson, students learn about unit rates and proportional relationships. Students will learn that a rate is a ratio of two numbers, that a unit rate is a rate in which the denominator is 1, and that a unit rate can be applied to find any other ratio for the two variables. Some students may equate rate only with speed, but there are many kinds of rates. The lesson includes such rates as miles per hour, words per minute, dollars per hour, heartbeats per minute, and exchange rates. Students will learn how to set up a ratio and divide to find the "y per x" rate, and to compare unit rates. Using their understanding of unit rates, students will learn how to determine if a relationship is proportional. Proportional MATERIALS • reference Guide pages 126 –128 • Practice Activity Book pages 68–76 • Overview and Toolkit presentations KEYWORDS students can preview definitions of keywords hyperlinked throughout the lesson. • linear equation • proportional relationship • unit rate PrOPOrTIOnAL reL ATIOnshIPs 139

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