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LESSON GOALS • Use graphs, tables, and equations to compare slopes. • Analyze linear relationships, including proportional relationships, by comparing their slopes. FLORIDA STANDARDS • MAFS.8.EE.2.5 Graph proportional relationships, interpreting the unit rate as the slope of the graph. Compare two different proportional relationships represented in different ways. • MAFS.8.F.1.2 Compare properties of two functions each represented in a different way (algebraically, graphically, numerically in tables, or by verbal descriptions). PACING One class period, approximately 60 minutes CONTENT BACKGROUND This lesson brings together what students have learned about slope, rate, unit rate, and proportional relationships in real-world applications. Students learn how to interpret and compare rates, including learning that a steeper slope means a greater rate. They are reminded that linear relationships can exist without being proportional relationships; for example, prices might start with a flat fee and then rise by the hour, resulting in a measurable rate. Throughout the lesson, students practice finding slope by applying the slope formula (m = y2 - y1 ______ x2 - x1 ) and using equations in slope-intercept form (y = mx + b). In some activities, students are challenged to compare rates based on different information for the two rates. MATERIALS • reference Guide pages 136–139 • Practice Activity Book pages 104–110 • overview and Toolkit presentations KEYWORDS students can preview definitions of keywords hyperlinked throughout the lesson. • linear relationship • proportional relationship • rate • slope • unit rate Use this guide to accompany Lesson 3.11, Semester A. Compare Relationships CoMPAre rel ATIonshIPs 183

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