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Use this guide to accompany Lesson 5.08, Semester A. Mixture Problems LESSON GOALS • Solve mixture problems using systems of two linear equations. FLORIDA STANDARDS • MAFS.8.EE.3.8c. Solve real-world and mathematical problems leading to two linear equations in two variables. • MAFS.K12.MP.2.1 Reason abstractly and quantitatively. PACING One class period, approximately 60 minutes LEARN MATHCAST: MIXTURE PROBLEMS In this MathCast, mixture problems in math are compared to compound words, where each part gives you some information about the whole. A system of equations is composed and solved to find the number of pounds of raisins in a mixture of raisins and peanuts. MATERIALS • Reference Guide pages 189–191 • Practice Activity Book pages 173–180 • Overview and Toolkit presentations MIxTURE PROBLEMS 269

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