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Lesson Lesson Title Focus Extension Number Properties 1.5 Positive and Zero Exponents x 1.7 Work with Exponents x 1.10 Add and Subtract in Scientifi c Notation x 1.12 Problem Solving with Scientifi c Notation x Equations 2.2 Addition and Subtraction Equations x 2.8 Simplify Before Multiple Transformations x 2.12 Solve Problems with Equations x x Slope 3.4 Proportional Relationships x 3.5 Slope x 3.9 Convert Equations to Slope-Intercept Form x 3.11 Compare Relationships x Lines 4.2 Point-Slope Form x x 4.5 Convert Forms of Lines x 4.7 Sketch Lines x Systems of Equations 5.4 Classify Systems x x 5.7 Applications: Systems of Linear Equations x 5.9 Mixture Problems x Functions 6.5 Function Equations x x 6.12 Function Stories x 6.13 Sketch Function Graphs x Grade 8 Semester A Differentiated Instruction Individualized and personalized content enable diff erentiated instruction at select points in the curriculum. Focus activities are designed to help English language learners incorporate new math vocabulary. Extension activities provide a deeper dive for students who benefi t from enrichment. The locations of Focus and Extension activities in this course are listed below. x x xii DIFFERENTIATED INSTRUCTION

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