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Course Introduction MATERIALS • Keyboard Shorcut List for Learnosity • Learnosity Help Resource Guide PACING One class period, approximately 60 minutes COURSE INTRODUCTION: WELCOME TO MATH 8 Students use math every day. In this course, they'll learn some of the math and the mathematical thinking that will help them answer every day problems. In this class period, students will get a tour of their Math 8 course structure to help orient them to what to expect in their upcoming mathematics work. Students learn that lessons in this course include these sections: Get Ready, Learn, Practice, Review, and Assessment. The course introduction walks students through some sample experiences they will have in their studies. For example, to get ready to learn, students will watch short, real-world videos. Next, students are given step-by-step instructions via MathCast animations and on-screen examples before practicing what they've learned. After covering a concept, students will reflect on the material and complete a Lesson Quiz before moving on to the next topic. Throughout the course, students will also have opportunities to apply their learning by exchanging ideas about the math with peers and working on extended problems. Use this guide to accompany Math 8 Course Introduction, Semester A. 2

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