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Florida Districts: Ask How You Can Save 40%–80% on Online Enrollments Our Custom, Cost-Effective Solution to Streamline Student Enrollment in Virtual Courses Fuel Educa on's new Student Enrollment Portal provides an easy and cost-effec ve way for Florida school districts to enroll online students into virtual courses. Our custom-branded, mobile-friendly student enrollment portal connects students directly to online courses that match their credit needs and personal interests, empowering them to sa sfy the online course gradua on requirement. Best of all, FuelEd's partner model is designed to reduce funding ou lows and retain valuable revenue within your district. Save Time and Connect Students to Online Learning Faster Your students will enjoy the ability to browse and select virtual courses from the convenience of their mobile devices. They can self-enroll in minutes and choose to receive communica ons via email and text/ SMS. Next, your guidance counselor or dedicated administrator can approve online course requests in just a few simple steps. The process between course request and course start has been streamlined, and students are able to quickly start their online learning. Save Funding with a Simple, School-Managed Presence Every student who enrolls in virtual courses through your district portal means more educa on dollars retained to invest in addi onal support services for students and teachers in your district. Your enrollment portal is custom branded with the district logo and features personalized pages for each campus, crea ng a school-managed presence that is familiar for students, staff, and families. Your staff can easily manage enrollment approval workflows, as well as content and instruc onal services related to the virtual courses.

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