Idaho School District Wins 2016 Fuel Education™ Transformation Award

June 19, 2018 Jack Chapman

Bonneville Joint School District recognized for innovative use of online learning to address students’ individual needs


Herndon, Virginia, May 11, 2016 – Not all students excel in a traditional brick-and-mortar school. Whether a student is home or hospital-bound because of a chronic illness, has behavioral or learning challenges, or has other unique needs, they still need access to high-quality education. The Bonneville Online School, in Idaho’s Bonneville Joint School District, uses the power of online learning to address the needs of its students outside of the traditional education environment.

Personalized learning solutions provider Fuel Education™ (FuelEd™) has named Bonneville Online School (BOS) its 2016 Transformation Award winner. Schools and districts using FuelEd solutions were encouraged to submit success stories to demonstrate how they have used innovative online or blended learning programs to transform education for their students. Bonneville was selected from dozens of entries for providing K–8 students with a flexible school structure that enables them to have a successful academic experience from home.

Fuel Education Transformation Award


“We are very pleased to honor Bonneville Online School as an outstanding example of how school districts can use online and blended learning to help students overcome education barriers,” said Gregg Levin, General Manager of Fuel Education. “Fuel Educations primary goal is to help our school and district partners to personalize learning for each student—regardless of their personal circumstance—so they can achieve their academic goals.”

When 9-year-old Gabe enrolled at BOS in fall 2015, he had been diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia, and had been exhibiting behavioral issues with his principal and teacher at his previous brick-and-mortar school. Gabe started working on his FuelEd courses at grade level, but his learning coach—his mother—immediately realized his skill levels were well below grade level. With the support of his teacher, a modifiable curriculum, and his learning coach, Gabe is now a dramatically different student. He is confident and enthusiastic about school and puts in the extra effort needed to stay on track, even working on some Saturday mornings and school vacation days. Gabe has pride in his accomplishments and sees himself as an online, at-home learner until he graduates.

Gabe is just one of the more than 100 students enrolled in BOS. BOS was founded in 2010 at the request of a group of local parents who wanted an in-district online school that offered a curriculum approved by the superintendent. Students have the flexibility to complete FuelEd courses at their own pace with guidance from a learning coach and one of BOS’ three teachers. BOS takes an innovative approach to the mastery of content. If students score between 70-79 percent on an end-of-lesson test, students review missed questions with their learning coach to prove they know the material instead of retaking the test. For instructional support, teachers and students connect via phone, email, text, Class Connects and Google Hangouts for one-to-one or group instruction. Every Thursday, students can attend an optional face-to-face session with their teachers and peers.

BOS measures student success based on their participation in Thursday sessions, the level of direct communication with teachers, and growth and proficiency assessments. Nearly 60 percent of students attend the optional Thursday sessions. Students and their learning coaches are in almost constant communication with teachers.

The 2016 FuelEd Transformation Award submissions represented districts with diverse demographic, economic, and geographic backgrounds and identified specific challenges such as increasing graduation rates, providing flexible scheduling, and differentiating instruction for at-risk students. Despite their different backgrounds and goals, each district was able to use FuelEd’s digital curriculum to effectively address these challenges.

To read more about BOS and their program, as well as past FuelEd Transformation Award winners, visit


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