A.B. Graham Academy, OH - 2012 Transformation Award Winner

Mary Kate Appel

Transformation Award: For combining blended learning with hands-on support to raise district performance.

Located in the nation’s heartland, A.B. Graham Academy in Ohio is a full-time, blended middle and high school with a state-wide charter. Since 2009, the school has provided FuelEd Online Courses (formerly Aventa) along with access to five computer labs to approximately 140 students each year. As part of the program, A.B. Graham provides district teachers within the school lab and classroom environment.

Led by Scott Howell, A.B. Graham Academy’s Principal and Director, the school has implemented some unique ways to ensure student success. First, the school labs and classrooms are open to students Monday through Thursday. While students can work from home, the school is typically packed during these days. Friday is the school’s “Compass Day,” or day to work from home on FuelEd lessons, OAT (Ohio Achievement Tests) practice tests, or to read the novel they are required to always have on hand. If students need extra help, the school is open to them on Fridays.

Each week, students are introduced to new lessons on Monday and are given until Sunday evening to complete them. If they finish early, they can move on, or they can get additional help and spend more time on completing the lesson.

The school considers their teachers a critical component of their program’s success. There are three high school teachers—one Math teacher, one intervention specialist, and one instructional aide. Each lab is designed to foster teacher support, including ample space at the front of the room for teaching lessons, as well as tables and chairs for small group lessons.

A.B. Graham’s model enables both teachers and students to focus on education, and minimizes the day-to-day distractions that middle and high school students usually battle. And so far, this model has proven to be successful, as the school has raised its Ohio District Performance Index for the past three years.

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